Been a long time…

And this site is still defunct, but I’m not. In case anyone stops by and missed the message last time I’m somewhat out of the music reviewing game but (pretty much) all my… Continue reading

In what I intend to make my very last online move I’ve shifted my nefarious activities over to a new site – As well as hosting all the archives of my free… Continue reading

The Internet of Pointless Things

At what point does the focus of humanity shift from the vast, sprawling expanse of reality over to the screen sized abyss of the digital? The Internet of Things is the concept of… Continue reading

Dr Syntax & Tom Caruana : A Slice of Fried Gold

Well it’s UK Hip Hop old timer Syntax and Tom Caruana – variable but undoubtedly talented producer, with a new album which samples Edgar Wright’s work (Spaced, Shaun of the Dead et al)… Continue reading

Dizraeli & Tom Caruana : White Man (Moves)

I don’t dislike Dizraeli, although starting a review with that may seem like a certain precursor for slating something.

Humble Pious : Nam Kyo

It’s been a while since I reviewed ‘The Crow’ which featured the collective efforts of the Kojak Brothers (Humble Pious being amongst them) and despite my less than glowing opinions at the time… Continue reading