Monthly Archive: February, 2012

Ogmios : The Last Picnic

Some meandering beats, intelligent lyricism and some nice ideas with this Dub tinged Hip Hop album from Ogmios. There’s a good range of concepts from track to track, all in the Conscious Rap… Continue reading

7 From the Abyss

During the process of digging through and re-posting all the reviews I did have backed up from Beat Lizard I’ve become acutely aware of the big gapping holes left by the ones I’ve lost.… Continue reading

The Purist : Connect The Spdif E​.​P

I’d say it’s Sunday and that lazy beats were called for but for some of us lazy beats aren’t just for Christmas but for life, so I won’t say that… Anyway, here’s a… Continue reading

Mr Loop : Music From the Tanhauser Gate

A couple of years on from release Mr Loop’s MFtTG still stands out as one of the best free and best UK Hip Hop albums about. Not just for overall quality but because… Continue reading

Titus 12 : Bardman Business

  I absolutely fucking adored Titus 12’s last full length album, Dig and Delve (on Sheffield’s Planet Terror netlabel), I played it to death in fact. Then, after a short respite, I revived it’s zombified… Continue reading

Stanley Odd : The Day I Went Deaf EP

I’d forgotten about Stanley Odd, found a couple of his tracks months back and thought to myself ‘that’s really good’ and then never listened to them again, until today. It’s a couple of… Continue reading