Monthly Archive: March, 2012

Jefferson Price : Just Assume, I’m Everywhere

  As the first release from the newly created Don’t Flop Records, a new appendage from the ever busy Battle League of the same name, it’s easy to have some high expectations for… Continue reading

For the Producers – Tom Caruana & Elemental : 5th Element

  In memory of all the fine beats lost buried beneath the effluence of disappointing MCs and the fine work the producers of the world do (barring those making bad capital ‘E’ Experimental… Continue reading

Dead Geoff and Mr Thumbs : The Opposables

(Purple Bird Music : 2010) It’s the usual Hip Hop idea that death is good for business, in fact as Goldie Lookin’ Chain once devoted a song to- whatever genre you’re in an… Continue reading

Natasha Kmeto : The Ache

  Normally I limit myself to frowning disapprovingly at glitchy Electronica for having too many disjointed, discordant beats for my more refined tastes. Add to that the penchant for self indulgent meanderings from… Continue reading

Pat Maine : Nighttime Medicine

  The beats drift and swing in a manner most pleasing, although not necessarily in a particularly spectacular way. Still well produced though and a nice ebb and flow of beats which are… Continue reading

Brainchild : Blue Tomorrows

  Some nice spacey beats on this predominantly instrumental album from Brainchild although I’m less impressed with some of the lyrical contributions which at times don’t do justice to the depth of said… Continue reading