Natasha Kmeto : The Ache

  Normally I limit myself to frowning disapprovingly at glitchy Electronica for having too many disjointed, discordant beats for my more refined tastes. Add to that the penchant for self indulgent meanderings from… Continue reading

Pat Maine : Nighttime Medicine

  The beats drift and swing in a manner most pleasing, although not necessarily in a particularly spectacular way. Still well produced though and a nice ebb and flow of beats which are… Continue reading

Brainchild : Blue Tomorrows

  Some nice spacey beats on this predominantly instrumental album from Brainchild although I’m less impressed with some of the lyrical contributions which at times don’t do justice to the depth of said… Continue reading

Ogmios : The Last Picnic

Some meandering beats, intelligent lyricism and some nice ideas with this Dub tinged Hip Hop album from Ogmios. There’s a good range of concepts from track to track, all in the Conscious Rap… Continue reading

7 From the Abyss

During the process of digging through and re-posting all the reviews I did have backed up from Beat Lizard I’ve become acutely aware of the big gapping holes left by the ones I’ve lost.… Continue reading

The Purist : Connect The Spdif E​.​P

I’d say it’s Sunday and that lazy beats were called for but for some of us lazy beats aren’t just for Christmas but for life, so I won’t say that… Anyway, here’s a… Continue reading